Depending on your needs hair stroke eyebrow tattooing can create fullness, correct an arch or fill out over thinned brows. Each individual’s face and requirements are different and so each design is unique too.

A brow tattoo will last 2 to 4 years depending on the skin, colour of the pigment and aftercare. It’s important you go to a cosmetic tattooist specialist. The inks, machine and technique used are not the same as body tattooing. Cosmetic pigments will not fade blue like body inks can and the depth of the pigment into the skin is not as deep.

Once you get the initial brow tattooing done, follow up appointments for a Refresh, which is recommend every year or so, are significantly cheaper.

And the result? Beautiful brows without the daily maintenance.

The details:

  • Hair stroke brow tattooing is also known as brow feathering.
  • We offer free consultations at our Sydney salons in Bondi Junction and Parramatta with no obligation to book afterwards. During the consultation our cosmetic tattooist will explain the technique and answer any questions you have. She will draw the brow design on with make up so you can see what it will look like if you choose to go ahead and book.
  • Please be advised you cannot get cosmetic tattooing if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You must also wait 2 weeks either side of your appointment if you are planning to have injectables around the eye area like Botox or Restalyne and we recommend getting your cosmetic tattoo

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All face shapes can use the following tips for the perfect brows whether you have a heart, square, round, long, or diamond shaped face.

  • Begin the brow at the bridge of the nose.
  • Have the arch approximately two-thirds along the brow. Round faces – more arch, long faces – less arch.
  • Avoid shortening eyebrows; length is better. Imagine a line from the edge of your nose extending along past the corner of your eye. Your brows should reach this line. You can extend the end of the brows past this if you like, however keep it above the beginning of the brow otherwise it could make the eyes appear droopy.
  • Go to a professional. Avoid over grooming, permanent brow loss from over-plucking, uneven brows or the wrong shape for your face by going to a lash and brow specialist. Rainbow brows and commas are not flattering! A brow technician will be able to enhance your natural beauty by creating the right shape and style for you.
  • Eyebrow trends for 2015 and 2016 are about fullness, length and soft, natural-looking lines.

Need help?

  • Going grey? Getting your eyebrows tinted professionally will shave years off your appearance. This is one of the easiest, quickest and least expensive ways to appear more youthful. Blondes, this includes you too. We have a range of cool and warm tints and shades to suit all tones. Eyebrows grow out faster than lashes and need to be tinted every 2 weeks.
  • Need fullness?
    • Get a professional eyebrow tint.
    • For a more permanent solution consider hair stroke eyebrow tattooing (see image below). It will last 2 – 4 years depending on the depth of the colour. We provide free cosmetic tattooing consultations at our salons and you are under no obligation to book afterwards.
    • Use a lash and brow growth serum. Used twice a day results can be seen in as little as 3 weeks.
  • Have a scar gap, asymmetry or permanent brow loss from over-grooming? You could consider corrective cosmetic brow tattooing. Eyebrows are created by fine hair strokes and the tattoo is undetectable.
Fine Hair Stroke brow tattooing

Hair stroke eyebrow tattoo before and after


Gel nails last longer and are healthier for your nails. Gel won’t chip or wear away like other nail polishes. Gel colours are cured using a LED or UV light and need to be professionally applied by a qualified nail technician.

We offer the choice of Shellac and Bio Sculpture at Elegant Lashes. Both provide excellent wear and will last a few weeks and maintain a high shine and won’t chip, crack or peel.

Bio Sculpture is revolutionary in that it is not only a nail colour but it will also strengthen and improve the health of your natural nails.

Need refreshing but short of time? These services can all be done in 30 minutes or less and are perfect lunchtime beauty treatments.

Mini Makeover

Look young, vibrant and transformed in less than 30 minutes with a brow shape, lash tint, brow tint and collagen eye treatment.

Demi Lash Extensions

Natural and beauty enhancing, a Demi Set of lashes can be star scattered along the lash line or placed on the outer half of the lash line for a winged effect. Beautiful.

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation

Find out how natural looking undetectable cosmetic tattooing can accentuate your beauty with a no obligation FREE 25 minute consultation.

Spray Tan

Only the best – Black Magic spray tan is certified DHA and will not leave you feeling sticky so you can return to work. 8 Hour and 2 Hour are both available.

Buff and Polish

In Bio Sculpture or Shellac. Includes a luxurious hand massage.

Brow Shape and Brow Tidy

Need a reshape or just a tidy? Hot wax and strip wax are both available. A clean and correct brow line is one of the easiest beauty pick me ups.

Want a set of beautiful lash extensions for free? To our western Sydney clients, we require lash training models at our Parramatta salon for this Friday and Saturday (4th and 5th September).

Please email Sue at your name, number, day, preferred time and we will get back to you to confirm details. These spots will fill up fast so be quick if you are interested.

Can I wear mascara with lash extensions? The short answer is yes and no. You don’t need to wear mascara if you have eyelash extensions. After all, extensions solve the problem mascara tries to fix.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to wear both. And, there are times you may prefer a more dramatic look. It is also a quick and temporary solution to add fullness to extensions that are overdue for an infill.

Some tips to wearing mascara over lash extensions:

– Wear a water based mascara. Oil based mascaras can shorten the life of your extensions. If you are not sure if your mascara is water based, there are specially formulated mascaras on the market for eyelash extensions such as Max2 Mascara Gold.

– Apply the mascara from mid lengths to tips. Never from the base as this can pull at the extensions.

– If you are using mascara to hide long-needed to be filled extensions use the tip of the mascara brush and apply on the natural lashes where there are no longer extensions. Then using the long side of the brush lightly apply over all the lashes.

– Make sure you thoroughly remove the mascara with a water based cleanser or remover to prevent build up of residue around the base of the lashes.

– All in all, the less you touch your extensions the longer they will last.


We are often asked how long eyelash extensions last for. It depends on your natural lashes, the lash extensions you get and aftercare. Generally, a full set of Luxe eyelash extensions will last for a few weeks and many clients come back every two to three weeks for infills to maintain them.

Ways to make your eyelash extensions last:

– Avoid getting oil based products on the lashes. Oil can weaken the glue bond. Oil can be found in some cleansers, make up, sunscreens and moisturisers. Your fingers also secrete a small amount of oil so it’s best to touch them as little as possible.

– Avoid sleeping on your lashes. This can be hard if you are, um, not awake. Are you already a regular eyelash extension wearer and find you lose extensions on the outer corner of one eye in particular? Chances are that’s the side you sleep on.

– Don’t pluck out your eyelash extensions. If you have found a stray extension that has all but grown out, resist plucking it out. Lashes are similar to brows. Plucking can stop regrowth. So this is a big no no. Instead, use a clean mascara brush or a sealant and keep it swept into place until it grows out or until your next infill appointment.

– Use a sealant. Sealants protect the extensions from oils, air pollutants and dust. Using a sealant with a mascara brush applicator will also sweep and position lashes that are growing out back into place. Black tinted sealants are great for brown or blonde regrowth. Pro tip; dab excess sealant from brush before applying.

– Choose lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. If you have fine natural lashes and wear lash extensions regularly choose lashes that are light such as lashes with a small width, shorter lashes or volume lashes which use fans of very fine lashes. Lash extensions with a much greater weight to the natural lash could cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely and this can cause thinning out. Your natural lash cycle is approximately 60 days.