Over the past few months we have had a lot of inquiries wanting an explanation as to the different styles of lashes we do. We are aware that we have an extensive menu so we have updated and simplified it to make it easier for you to choose the perfect look for your individual needs. Also our regulars will notice a difference to the menu when booking online, so this will explain our changes.


Natural Set (formally known as our Luxe Set): Silk/Mink – 70% coverage – 149

Luxe Set (formally known as our Glam Set): Silk/Mink – 90% coverage – 169

Hybrid: Mixture of 3D & Silk/Mink – 90% coverage – 179

Volume: Choice of 3D-5D Lashes – 90% coverage – 199

**this is not the same as Russian Volume

We have also amended the times of our infills to suits the type of full set you are wearing. For example, a 3 week infill for a natural set does not take as long as a 3 week fill on a Volume set. There is a slight increase on some of the treatments to allow for the extra time involved in keeping your lashes as fabulous as possible.


Natural Set Infill

Light 45mins – 86

Full 60mins –    104

Luxe Set Infill

Light 60min – 104

Full 75min –    129

Hybrid Infill

Light 60mins – 115

Full – 75mins – 139

Volume Infill

Light 60min – 125

Full 90min – 149

**Silk lashes are black; Mink lashes are charcoal

**A light fill is up to 3 week; a full fill is up to 4 weeks

TIP: For the fairer maidens amongst us, if you get a lash tint with your new set it will make your eyes POP even more. AND you get your tint at 15 dollars – a discount of 10 dollars 

We hope this has cleared up a few things for you all. We look forward to looking after you in our salon in the near future.

Stay fabulous forever !!!

The Elegant Lashes Team xo

Want your lashes to last longer? Keep them clean and the oil at bay with a lash shampoo. Mal and Merryn discovered this beauty innovation in lash retention when they recently went down to the Melbourne Beauty Expo.

Here’s a great little vid from renown make up artist Jenny Do showing you how to use it.

Need refreshing but short of time? These services can all be done in 30 minutes or less and are perfect lunchtime beauty treatments.

Mini Makeover

Look young, vibrant and transformed in less than 30 minutes with a brow shape, lash tint, brow tint and collagen eye treatment.

Demi Lash Extensions

Natural and beauty enhancing, a Demi Set of lashes can be star scattered along the lash line or placed on the outer half of the lash line for a winged effect. Beautiful.

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation

Find out how natural looking undetectable cosmetic tattooing can accentuate your beauty with a no obligation FREE 25 minute consultation.

Spray Tan

Only the best – Black Magic spray tan is certified DHA and will not leave you feeling sticky so you can return to work. 8 Hour and 2 Hour are both available.

Buff and Polish

In Bio Sculpture or Shellac. Includes a luxurious hand massage.

Brow Shape and Brow Tidy

Need a reshape or just a tidy? Hot wax and strip wax are both available. A clean and correct brow line is one of the easiest beauty pick me ups.

Want a set of beautiful lash extensions for free? To our western Sydney clients, we require lash training models at our Parramatta salon for this Friday and Saturday (4th and 5th September).

Please email Sue at sue@elegantlashes.com.au your name, number, day, preferred time and we will get back to you to confirm details. These spots will fill up fast so be quick if you are interested.

We are often asked how long eyelash extensions last for. It depends on your natural lashes, the lash extensions you get and aftercare. Generally, a full set of Luxe eyelash extensions will last for a few weeks and many clients come back every two to three weeks for infills to maintain them.

Ways to make your eyelash extensions last:

– Avoid getting oil based products on the lashes. Oil can weaken the glue bond. Oil can be found in some cleansers, make up, sunscreens and moisturisers. Your fingers also secrete a small amount of oil so it’s best to touch them as little as possible.

– Avoid sleeping on your lashes. This can be hard if you are, um, not awake. Are you already a regular eyelash extension wearer and find you lose extensions on the outer corner of one eye in particular? Chances are that’s the side you sleep on.

– Don’t pluck out your eyelash extensions. If you have found a stray extension that has all but grown out, resist plucking it out. Lashes are similar to brows. Plucking can stop regrowth. So this is a big no no. Instead, use a clean mascara brush or a sealant and keep it swept into place until it grows out or until your next infill appointment.

– Use a sealant. Sealants protect the extensions from oils, air pollutants and dust. Using a sealant with a mascara brush applicator will also sweep and position lashes that are growing out back into place. Black tinted sealants are great for brown or blonde regrowth. Pro tip; dab excess sealant from brush before applying.

– Choose lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. If you have fine natural lashes and wear lash extensions regularly choose lashes that are light such as lashes with a small width, shorter lashes or volume lashes which use fans of very fine lashes. Lash extensions with a much greater weight to the natural lash could cause your natural lashes to shed prematurely and this can cause thinning out. Your natural lash cycle is approximately 60 days.

Eyelash extensions come in a spectrum of different curls, thicknesses and lengths. A good lash salon will have a wide range of lashes to customise a lash set that best brings out the beauty in your face. Time to break it down:

Lash Extension Curls

J – The softest of curls J curl provides a subtle, natural look.

B – A stronger curl than a J, B curl is popular and suits most faces.

C – Ideal for more lift. Lash extensions are more visible from front on. A popular curl.

D – A stronger curl for a glamorous look

L – Looks like an L in shape with a soft curve at the bend. An L curl provides lift to natural lashes that angle down.

Lash Extension Thicknesses

Volume 3D lash widths are most commonly 0.07mm and 0.10mm. Classic Sets 0.10mm, 0.12mm and 0.15mm are most often used. For one off sets or for stronger natural lashes 0.18mm or 0.20mm may be used.

Lash Extension Lengths

Lash Extension Lengths ranged from 6mm to 18mm in length. Most clients get a lash length approximately 30% longer than their natural length. This means there is not too much weight on the natural lash and because the inner lashes are shorter, the eyelash extensions used on these are shorter too.

Lash Material

Silk – Glossy and smooth

Faux Mink – Lighter than silk and matte

Real Siberian Mink – We would never use real mink in our salons. Don’t believe it if someone tells you the real mink lashes they use are from ethically farmed mink. This is not true. In addition, using real fur could trigger allergies you may not be aware you have. Real mink does not hold it’s shape.

This is not a definitive list. New curls, thicknesses, materials and styles are being released each year.

We have many wedding clients come to us at Elegant Lashes. Eyelash extensions not only make you look more beautiful on your special day but also last through any tears of happiness that may be shed and throughout your honeymoon.

Our tips for brides to be:

– Get your lash extensions done a day or two before your wedding day. Although extremely unlikely you don’t want to find out you have a glue allergy on your wedding day. It will also give some time for the glue to fully cure before you put make up on, ensuring the eyelash extensions last for as long as possible.

– Most brides choose a Glam or Russian Volume 3D Lash Set in silk or in a premium faux mink. With more lashes than a Luxe Set a Glam Lash Set gives you a full, lush look. It works well against a both a nude eye and lots of colour. Want the best? Choose Russian Volume 3D for full, light, fluffy lashes. Literally hundreds of lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes.

– If the option is available to you some brides will come in for a test set. If you haven’t had eyelash extensions before or would like to see what a particular style looks like on you this is highly recommended.

Eyelash extensions will not fall out prematurely from swimming so if your honeymoon is on a tropical beach somewhere you have nothing to worry about.

We do free consultations at Elegant Lashes and if you are interested in a sensitivity test we will bond a couple of eyelash extensions on your natural lashes free of charge.

Russian 3D Volume Lashes is new trend in eyelash extensions. Volume lash extensions are light and fluffy and provide a full look that with care will last longer than classical sets.

What are Russian Volume 3D Lash Extensions? Two or more lash extensions are fanned and positioned on the natural lash. The lash extensions used for Volume lashing are usually lighter than the lash extensions used for classical sets.

So even though for Volume lash extensions you may have multiple lashes on a single natural lash, the combination weight is often still lighter than a single lash extensions that would normally be used for a classic set.

Sydney Morning Herald journalist Amanda Hooton recently interviewed Angelina Jolie who is currently promoting her latest film, Maleficent. Hooton noted Jolie appeared to be wearing lash extensions.

She has not a single line, mark or blemish on her face, but manages to look as if she hasn’t had Botox or work done of any kind…She does seem to be wearing false eyelashes, but they’re like no false eyelashes you’ve ever seen: they seem to have been applied one by one, possibly under a microscope by a highly skilled eyelash genie.

Eyelash extensions are the perfect no make up solution for people who want a complete look at any time of the day without the fuss of applying make up. There are many other people in the public eye that wear lash extensions. Can you think of any?


With your eyes being the focal point of your face, eyelash extensions are an effective easy enhancement to your look whether it is for everyday wear, a special occasion or an enhanced natural look.

Many people get eyelash extensions for special events; work do’s, parties, and weddings are popular. Some events require more sparkle, larger volume and more daring colours than others. None more than Mardi Gras, which Sydney is now in preparation for.

Popular this month, in lead up to Mardi Gras, Elegant Lashes’ clients are booking in for Party Lashes, coloured lash extensions, and Swarovski Crystal placements.

Getting party eyelashes is easy – it only takes 15 minutes. Individual cluster lashes are applied generously along the lash line providing instant fullness and length. Moreover it includes a relaxing under eye treatment and will last approximately 2-5 days.

Party Lashes go perfect together with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are applied on your lash extensions at key points adding sparkle to your eyes.

For these who prefer to remain more conservative but fabulous we offer Lash Lifts, also know as LVL Lashes. Forget about traditional lash perms which curl your lashes back and make your lashes appear shorter! The Lash Lift lifts your lashes up so you can see more of it creating the appearance of extra length and volume. Your eyes appear larger and more vibrant. Moreover it lasts up to 8 weeks.

Mardi Gras Party is almost here. Make sure you are prepared before the party season starts and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like a free consultation you can book online or contact us at mail@elegantlashes.com.au.