Do you know we do threading? Mal and Raman provide threading and it’s available at both salons. Threading is great for those with naturally sensitive skin, or those using retinol or AHA products. Same price as waxing services.

Gel nails last longer and are healthier for your nails. Gel won’t chip or wear away like other nail polishes. Gel colours are cured using a LED or UV light and need to be professionally applied by a qualified nail technician.

We offer the choice of Shellac and Bio Sculpture at Elegant Lashes. Both provide excellent wear and will last a few weeks and maintain a high shine and won’t chip, crack or peel.

Bio Sculpture is revolutionary in that it is not only a nail colour but it will also strengthen and improve the health of your natural nails.

We have many wedding clients come to us at Elegant Lashes. Eyelash extensions not only make you look more beautiful on your special day but also last through any tears of happiness that may be shed and throughout your honeymoon.

Our tips for brides to be:

– Get your lash extensions done a day or two before your wedding day. Although extremely unlikely you don’t want to find out you have a glue allergy on your wedding day. It will also give some time for the glue to fully cure before you put make up on, ensuring the eyelash extensions last for as long as possible.

– Most brides choose a Glam or Russian Volume 3D Lash Set in silk or in a premium faux mink. With more lashes than a Luxe Set a Glam Lash Set gives you a full, lush look. It works well against a both a nude eye and lots of colour. Want the best? Choose Russian Volume 3D for full, light, fluffy lashes. Literally hundreds of lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes.

– If the option is available to you some brides will come in for a test set. If you haven’t had eyelash extensions before or would like to see what a particular style looks like on you this is highly recommended.

Eyelash extensions will not fall out prematurely from swimming so if your honeymoon is on a tropical beach somewhere you have nothing to worry about.

We do free consultations at Elegant Lashes and if you are interested in a sensitivity test we will bond a couple of eyelash extensions on your natural lashes free of charge.

Introducing Black Magic Spray Tanning. Black Magic is a natural looking tan with a neutral hue. Available at our Parramatta salon with a choice of 8 hour and 2 hour wash wait times. Black Magic is natural and certified DHA. Best of all, you won’t leave feeling sticky.

Want to save? Buy 3 sessions at a reduced price.

We are just weeks away from opening a new salon in Parramatta. We are excited about our new team members who will joining us at our Parramatta shop. Selena Lotto our Corrective Cosmetic Tattooist will be working across both locations and will be at Parramatta on Wednesdays.

Doors open March the 3rd. You can book now through our online booking system or give us a call on 1300 650 732.