Sydney Morning Herald journalist Amanda Hooton recently interviewed Angelina Jolie who is currently promoting her latest film, Maleficent. Hooton noted Jolie appeared to be wearing lash extensions.

She has not a single line, mark or blemish on her face, but manages to look as if she hasn’t had Botox or work done of any kind…She does seem to be wearing false eyelashes, but they’re like no false eyelashes you’ve ever seen: they seem to have been applied one by one, possibly under a microscope by a highly skilled eyelash genie.

Eyelash extensions are the perfect no make up solution for people who want a complete look at any time of the day without the fuss of applying make up. There are many other people in the public eye that wear lash extensions. Can you think of any?


With your eyes being the focal point of your face, eyelash extensions are an effective easy enhancement to your look whether it is for everyday wear, a special occasion or an enhanced natural look.

Many people get eyelash extensions for special events; work do’s, parties, and weddings are popular. Some events require more sparkle, larger volume and more daring colours than others. None more than Mardi Gras, which Sydney is now in preparation for.

Popular this month, in lead up to Mardi Gras, Elegant Lashes’ clients are booking in for Party Lashes, coloured lash extensions, and Swarovski Crystal placements.

Getting party eyelashes is easy – it only takes 15 minutes. Individual cluster lashes are applied generously along the lash line providing instant fullness and length. Moreover it includes a relaxing under eye treatment and will last approximately 2-5 days.

Party Lashes go perfect together with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. The crystals are applied on your lash extensions at key points adding sparkle to your eyes.

For these who prefer to remain more conservative but fabulous we offer Lash Lifts, also know as LVL Lashes. Forget about traditional lash perms which curl your lashes back and make your lashes appear shorter! The Lash Lift lifts your lashes up so you can see more of it creating the appearance of extra length and volume. Your eyes appear larger and more vibrant. Moreover it lasts up to 8 weeks.

Mardi Gras Party is almost here. Make sure you are prepared before the party season starts and book ahead to avoid disappointment.

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