What are the best eyelash extensions?

individual lashes on tray

Eyelash extensions come in a spectrum of different curls, thicknesses and lengths. A good lash salon will have a wide range of lashes to customise a lash set that best brings out the beauty in your face. Time to break it down:

Lash Extension Curls

J – The softest of curls J curl provides a subtle, natural look.

B – A stronger curl than a J, B curl is popular and suits most faces.

C – Ideal for more lift. Lash extensions are more visible from front on. A popular curl.

D – A stronger curl for a glamorous look

L – Looks like an L in shape with a soft curve at the bend. An L curl provides lift to natural lashes that angle down.

Lash Extension Thicknesses

Volume 3D lash widths are most commonly 0.07mm and 0.10mm. Classic Sets 0.10mm, 0.12mm and 0.15mm are most often used. For one off sets or for stronger natural lashes 0.18mm or 0.20mm may be used.

Lash Extension Lengths

Lash Extension Lengths ranged from 6mm to 18mm in length. Most clients get a lash length approximately 30% longer than their natural length. This means there is not too much weight on the natural lash and because the inner lashes are shorter, the eyelash extensions used on these are shorter too.

Lash Material

Silk – Glossy and smooth

Faux Mink – Lighter than silk and matte

Real Siberian Mink – We would never use real mink in our salons. Don’t believe it if someone tells you the real mink lashes they use are from ethically farmed mink. This is not true. In addition, using real fur could trigger allergies you may not be aware you have. Real mink does not hold it’s shape.

This is not a definitive list. New curls, thicknesses, materials and styles are being released each year.

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