What is a Lash Lift? Everything you wanted to know

Everything you want to know about a Lash Lift

Everything you wanted to know about Lash Lifts

At Elegant Lashes we have done thousands and thousands of Lash Lifts. In fact, we were one of the very first salons in Sydney to introduce them as treatment way back in 2013. We are also an authorised seller of Elleebana Lash Lift and Dolly Lash Lift to other salons. We know our Lifts.

What is a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift, also known as an LVL, is a perm. But unlike a traditional lash perm, instead of curling the lashes back onto a rod, the lashes are set on a shield which sets the lashes straight and up.

Why is this better? With a traditional lash lift, lashes are curled back and can even appear shorter than before you got the perm. A Lash Lift perms the lashes up so you see more of the lashes. Lashes appear longer and fuller as a result than if they are sitting straight ahead, unpermed.

It’s a great low maintenance treatment because you get it done every 8 weeks (add a lash tint during your appointment for extra impact) and can forget about it. If you find eyelash extensions too high maintenance or don’t have the time for an appointment every 3 weeks for infills, a Lash Lift may be the perfect beauty solution for you.

The most crucial elements of a Lash Lift is

  • Position of the lashes on the shield
  • Processing time
  • Length and condition of the natural eyelashes
  • Aftercare
Lash Lift straight after treatment

A Lash Lift lifts lashes up making them appear longer

The technical stuff

A Lash Lift is a perm. The lashes once in position have the lash lift perming solution is applied. Once the hair bonds have been broken down by the perming solution, a setting solution is applied so the lashes are set into the shape they are positioned in on the shields.

Lash Lifting is a chemical treatment. This means all the factors have to be just right to produce the result. A bit like baking. If the natural lashes are weaker or stronger than the eyelashes the product was designed and tested on, it means the Lash Lift may end up under or over processed.

Diet, pregnancy, medication and hormones can also affect the timing needed.

It’s not possible for your beautician to determine precisely whether you need less or more time than what the product is designed for just by looking at them. Most often then not, the normal processing time will be the right time for you.

When your Lash Lift is too lifted or not lifted enough

From the many years of experience in doing Lash Lifts at Elegant Lashes we have developed methods to determine if the processing time needs to be adjusted. So our success rate with Lash Lifts even with difficult lashes is exceptional.

Nevertheless, rarely, if you are new to the salon, the only way we can find out the right processing time for your lashes is by doing the Lash Lift and using the timing and the results of this first Lash Lift as a guide for you future Lash Lifts. Like all treatments there is a small risk it won’t work.

When this happens your salon can usually fix the under processed or over processed Lash Lift with a redo or reversal. Perhaps one in every thousand lifts we do will need to wait for the Lift to grow out over the following few weeks.

A small note

Please be kind to your beautician. In Australia, we all sign waiver forms for medical treatments for risks when we get procedures done because we accept there are factors that can affect outcomes. But for some reason beauty therapists are held to higher standard than this when a treatment doesn’t go exactly as we had hoped. So on behalf of all beauticians out there, be kind. We want you to be happy and look amazing. If it’s not the outcome you wanted, talk to your salon with what can usually be easily fixed. Even stepping outside your front door comes with risk.

Lash Lift on shorter lashes

Can I have a Lash Lift if I have short lashes?

Lash Lifts are great treatment for mid to long eyelashes. If you have short lashes and still wish to go ahead and try a Lash Lift you will need to accept the Lash Lift will not have the same results as someone with medium to long eyelashes.


For the best results for your Lash Lift, do not get your Lash Lift wet or get steam on your lashes for the first 24 hours. This will cause the Lash Lift to drop. Do not sleep on your lashes (stomach sleepers I am talking to you!) in the first 24 hours because this will cause the Lift to crinkle into the shape you have crushed your lashes into the pillow to.

Follow the steps in your Aftercare Pack and brush your lashes in the morning and evening and enjoy the ease and beauty of your Lash Lift.

With love,

The Elegant Lashes team xo

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